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EasyWorship2009  Overview


EasyWorship - Church Worship Software


EasyWorship Church Presentation Software, the #1 rated product for displaying songs, is the industry standard software package designed exclusively to allow churches to display and control all aspects of a service through one easy-to-learn and easy-to-use interface. Control the flow of worship with seamlessly displayed lyrics, scriptures, videos, live feeds, alerts, and PowerPoint presentations. Whether your service is scheduled, spontaneous, or a combination of both, EasyWorship will assist you in creating the best possible distraction-free experience.

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Benefits of Purchasing EasyWorship from ImageVine
  • SPECIAL - Includes 200 Worship Motion Backs (retail value $100)

  • FREE Bonus Backgrounds Package (see Exclusive Offer)

  • $20 off the suggested retail price (our price only $379)

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Key Features

  • Broadcast quality, anti-aliased text over live feeds & moving backgrounds

  • Standard site license - load EasyWorship on multiple computers at one location.

  • Support for PowerPoint 97 through 2007.

  • DVD editor/player, create DVD clips or play entire movies

  • 23 Free Bible versions. (Copyrighted Bible Versions available for purchase)

  • 300+ song lyrics (200+ public domain & 100+ contemporary songs)

  • Custom CCLI interface allows you to browse 150,000 songs

  • Stage Display, custom stage view with Display Foldback New 2009

  • Video Jockey Mode, switch backgrounds on the fly New 2009

  • Web Integration, URL snapshots & full screen YouTube playback New 2009

  • Audio Integration, scheduled playback of audio files New 2009

  • Updated User Interface, now theme-aware for XP & Vista New 2009

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ImageVine Review

ImageVine has tested a number of church presentation software packages and wholeheartedly endorses EasyWorship based on features, learning curve, freedom to flow with worship and ease of use. Because we believe that EasyWorship is the best worship presentation software money can buy, you will find only this program for sale on our site. ImageVine is committed to providing both professional and easy-to-use solutions for churches using digital projectors to enhance church services and we feel that EasyWorship fits well with this philosophy.



Purchasing EasyWorship through ImageVine automatically includes you in our Platinum Partners Benefits Program which gives you a lifetime discount of 10% on all products sold on ImageVine. Simply sign in using your account information and the discount is applied to all non sale products.

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